Alcatel IdealXtra 5059R CaseAlcatel 1X Evolve CaseAlcatel TCL LX


Compatible with Alcatel IdealXTRA 5059R (AT&T), Alcatel 1X Evolve (MetroPCS), TCL LX A502DL (TracFone, Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, Walmart Family). ATTENTION! This item does not fit TCL LX1 nor TCL LX2. Custom Fit For your Phone, Full Access To All Functions Without Having To Remove your Phone; Protecting your tablet from scratches and dust. Material:Plastic Back Cover + TPU inner frame Bling Crystal:Special Unique design case with art printed rhinestone jeweled diamond make your cell phones look bling-bling glitter sparkle shinny and pretty The case is sturdy, easy to apply and remove, but not bulky or heavy to handle.The colors are bright ,It is so sturdy and protects Your phone perfectly.this case have provided more grip in hand,phone are gripped are not somewhat slippery,Fit is perfect no play and easy to get on and off.the phone feel secure if dropped


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